students stands together in a group in front of their time machine
TMS FCCLA members stand together in the TMS cafeteria
six middle school students stand together in a group in front of double doors with blinds on them
red white and blue background with blue informational text, small American flags, and FFA Alumni and FFA logos
red Power T
certificate of accreditation with Kansas seal - blue silhouette of state of Kansas
seven THS students sit and stand behind a Washburn Tech table and backdrop
red background with singers wearing black and white outfits
sheet music background with red Chieftain logo with Power T
teachers stand behind Governor Kelly as she sits at her desk holding up the proclamation
Calesta Blazo sits at her desk wearing a white shirt
four students stand in front of a bulletin board
Kyndal Romero wears a white dress and stands behind a music stand. Mrs. Day sits at a keyboard behind her.
yellow background, three sunflowers, silhouette of three runners
yellow on sun on light blue background; red informational text
LSLC members sit in chairs in a conference room. Loren Feldkamp stands at the front speaking to them
Haley Robinette (L, wearing black shirt) and Ally Sparks (R, wearing red shirt) stand together in front of a Friends Falcon branded screen
vfw winners hold their certificates and plaques in front of flags and USMC seal