man in black t shirt and shorts stands next to white car with student driver magnet on the back seat driver's side door
blue background white stars on left side; red and white stripes on right side
three women standing at a table with water and candy on it, beside  a black poster with gold letters that says women's wrestling
blue background white banner with dark blue text
First State Bank employees wearing red shirts hold a large check
ten members of the club wearing green shirts stand on an American flag themed stage
Sarah Moore wearing a gray t shirt holding a black paperback book
Parker Welsh, wearing orange shorts and white tank top, running around a track
Shelby Burnett wearing a mustard yellow shirt and black cardigan, holding a teal tumbler and purple paperback book
Aaron Baddeley wearing a striped blue shirt and white hat stands next to TJ Schmid wearing a white GAMEDAY apron
Jacob Smith and his brother Brenden wearing bowling jerseys, standing in front of bowling lanes
black horizontal bars containing white text, red power t district logo at bottom center
Santiana Garcia wearing pink dress
headshot Abby Burkart wearing purple tie dye shirt
sophia hubbell headshot, short brown hair, glasses, white shirt with flowers
art supplies graphics on black background with white power t in the foreground
students stands together in a group in front of their time machine
TMS FCCLA members stand together in the TMS cafeteria
six middle school students stand together in a group in front of double doors with blinds on them
red white and blue background with blue informational text, small American flags, and FFA Alumni and FFA logos