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Sydney Fraley
Language Teacher
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Hello! I am the 6th grade Language Arts teacher! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!
Email, sfraley@tong464.org 
Phone, (913) 416-1470 ext. 3045

Journals: Journals begin right when the bell rings, the prompt for the day will be listed on the Bellringer slide on the board. Entries should begin with the date in the upper right-hand corner and should be at least five sentences long. We will not have journals on Fridays.
Vocabulary: New vocabulary will be handed out every Monday, and will have about 10-15 words. Quizzes will be every Friday. Students may download the free Quizlet app on their smartphone to help them study outside of class. This can also be accessed by going to quizlet.com and searching for mrsfraley464; this will bring up the week’s list of words with helpful games and ways to study. I highly recommend this. Students may redo one vocabulary quiz per quarter.
Homework: Homework will be issued on an as needed basis, most of the time homework will be whatever is not finished in class.
Due Dates: Due dates for homework, projects, and assignments will be given in advance and are due at the beginning of class on the scheduled day.
Late Work: Late work will be accepted, however, if an assignment is not turned in on the due date, the assignment is automatically only worth half credit, if it is more than one day late, a maximum of ¼ credit will be given.  
Passes Out of Class: Only one pass out of class is allowed per week unless otherwise specified, this will be on a case-by-case basis. If a student must sign out to leave the classroom an additional time that week, a signature on their conduct card will be issued.
Extra Credit: Extra credit will be given only when every assignment is turned in. Extra credit assignments will be made available one time per quarter.  
Social Media: Our class will have three social media sites; Facebook (search my email), Twitter (mrsfraley464) and Instagram (mrsfraleytms). Following these social media sites will help keep you up to date on our classroom or to get reminders for assignments, test, and quizzes. 

Phone: (913) 416-1470 Email: Email Tonganoxie Middle School
824 Washington St 
Tonganoxie KS 66086