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Angela Slabaugh
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Hi guys!

We need to be thinking about summer reading for AP JR English.  I am posting optional assignments, documents, and videos online in Google Classroom.  If you are enrolled in AP JR English, you are encouraged to contact me for the class code so that you can compete for prizes. Read a book+create a video= candy, Read 5 books+create a video for each=candy + fun school supplies, Read 25 books+create 25 videos=Amazon gift card.  

Need the class code so that you can access the reading list??  Email me!!  aslabaugh@tong464.org

Interesting facts about Mrs. Slabaugh

1. I pretend to be 5'6" because I teach so many tall people.  I'm really just 5'5".

2. I read for fun because I'm an English teacher; it's one of the requirements before you can be certified, no really.

3. I garden because plants never talk back or are sassy to me.

4. I love English but I know that not everyone does.  It's completely ok to say, "Ugh, I hate learning about commas, or reading novels, or __________."  But it is NOT ok to put forth anything less than your best effort in life. 

5. I strive to be a life-long learner.  I learn multiple things a day in my classroom; I expect the same from you. 

Have a great summer!



Skooter, the bane of my existence.

 Making balloon animals with my bestie. This is a real-world skill, folks.

My kids contemplating art, or wondering when they get to eat.

Phone: 913-416-1460 Email: Angela Slabaugh THS
404 E 24/40 Highway 
Tonganoxie Kansas 66086