Human Development

By DeHoff, Kassandra


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Human Development: 01


If you lost your copy of the project check the files box! It is ALL due next Friday Dec 16th!!!


Ch 4 & 5 review

In order for this to work you need to have two devices or two screens (1 to view questions and get the game pin and another to login in to with the game pin)  try doing this in partners or found a way to do a split screen,


Ch 6 review​


Infant, Toddler, and Preschool review



Online textbook link

Resources for your textbook!


Theorist review

Kahoot review game!  Questions from your test and what you created with your project groups!


theorist video examples

I did not make these videos:  Information gathered from YouTube and other sources.


Theorist Power Points: (student work)   Abraham Maslow Pierce and Tavis 2017.pptx Sigmund Freud.pptxAlbert Bandura.pptx Bronfenbrenner.pptx Erik Erikson.pptx Jean Piaget.pptx Maslow.pptx Vygotsky - 1st Hour.pptxLev Semenovich Vygotsky.pptxBF Skinner-Lexus Campbell Abby Fletcher.pptxBURRHUS FREDRIC SKINNER.pptx 


Ch 4

ch 4 task for the day


Child Care

Child care review

Semester Final


Study of Human development

3 Domains of Development wksht 1

study of human development

Theory and Research

theorist project

theory and research

Theory and Research Study Guide

S302 Labor