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Forrest Creager, Director of Technology
Barb Easter, Technology Secretary Joe Krivjansky, District Workstation Supervisor
Tony Hoffhines, District Computer Technician Gary Richmond, Technology Integration Specialist

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Can I purchase apps and install them?
  Yes. Because your personal Apple ID is installed on the iPad, you can purchase any app you wish (within acceptable use policy). You are able to install the app yourself; no need to ask IT to do it for you.
If I purchase an app, does it belong to me or the District?
  It belongs to the Apple ID that purchased it. So the answer would be it belongs to you. The app belongs to your Apple ID forever. If you leave the district, these apps are still yours.
Am I able to update the apps I purchased?
  Yes. You are the only one that allowed to update your apps.
Am I able to install an iOS update to the iPad?
  Yes. When an update the iPad's operating system is released, you are able to install it without IT assistance. NOTE: It is not always a good idea to jump into an update.
Can I connect and sync my iPad with a computer?
  No. This is all about app ownership. Because the District wants to retain ownership of the apps it purchased, the "supervising computer" is the only computer the iPads can sync with. This is Apple determined, by design. This supervising computer will be available during the scheduled bi-weekly days the IT department is in your building. Connecting to the supervising computer will install and update District-owned apps. Configuration changes are pushed out wireless as needed.


Will I be able to recover my personal data if something happens to the iPad?

  Yes. During the initial setup, your iPad will be configured to use iCloud backups. iCloud is wireless and not dependent upon a connection to any computer. Each app has an on/off switch for iCloud. NOTE: For some reason, the app "Notes" does not back up to iCloud without further configuration, specifically creating an iCloud email account.
Where did my Apple TV go?
  14 We experience quite a few problems with the Apple TVs during the 13-14 school year, so in May 2014 we experimented with software name AirServer. The 5 teachers who tested it for us, found it to be more stable, reliable, and more robust in features.  We hope you'll find the same result.
When does my iPad backup to iCloud?
  There are 2 triggers for backup.
1. The iPad will automatically back up when the iPad is plugged in to power, connected to Wi-Fi, and locked
2. The iPad can be manually backed up in settings | iCloud | Storage & Backup | touch Back Up Now